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A Busy Start to 2010

Posted on 4th Apr 2010 @ 7:24 AM

We are looking forward to a busy start to the new decade, particularly with several features on QuitKick coming up in national equine publications. Click here for more details.

As anyone who has worked in magazines will know, getting published often requires great patience. Many magazines are planned months in advance and, as a former jounralist myself, I know how reluctant people are to change what is in the pipeline! However, we are looking forward to some excellent media coverage in the first few months of 2010.

Over the coming weeks look out for coverage of QuitKick in Horselink Magazine, Modren Arabian Horse, The Trail Rider, Stable Management, Polo Player's Edition, Horseman's Yankee Pedlar and Horse Illustrated. The latter, the largest circulation equine publication in the USA with almost 180,000 monthly readers, is particularly exciting, although of course we are very grateful to all of the journalists who have taken an interest in our products.

The Horse Journal, the "bible" for testing equine products, is also running a roadtest on QuitKick and we hope to hear their views later in the year, perhaps around Easter time. With luck, that will conincide with the publication of Dover Saddlery's catalog, which features a three-quarter page spread on QuitKick. That catalog goes out to 5 million customers - exciting times ahead!

We will continue to update our website with any press coverage that we receive. Please look out for us and spread the QuitKick word!

Wishing all of our customers, friends and colleagues a happy and prosperous New Year!

Andrew Dewson

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