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Key Features of QuitKick

  1. Battery operated and re-chargeable (will last up to 10 days on a full charge)
  2. Easy to install,and easy to take along to clinics or shows. See illustration of how QuitKick mounts here.
  3. Internal water filter prevents blockages.
  4. Adjustable spray direction.
  5. On/Off switch so you can enter the stall with your horse without getting sprayed, and turn the unit off when the horse is not in the stall.
  6. Battery indicator light lets you know when you need to re-charge and when charge is complete.
  7. Total Stall System is expandable - you can add up to eight additional remote sensors. 
  8. Best of human interaction required, so your horse doesn't associate you with getting sprayed.
  9. Works even when you're not there!






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