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QuitKick Total Stall System

If your horse kicks the interior walls of its stall, the QuitKick Total Stall System is the choice for you.

With the Total Stall System, the vibration sensors are independent of the unit that sprays the water, so you can mount them wherever your horse kicks.  If your horse kicks the interior walls of the stall and bangs at the stall door, just mount a sensor in each area.  The QuitKick Total Stall System comes with two remote vibration sensors, but it can run as many as eight, so if need be, you can mount a sensor on every wall and the door!  

 When activated by the vibration of a kick, the Sensor sends a radio signal to the receiver unit, which you mount at the front of the stall.  The receiver unit responds instantly, spraying two quick jets o(less than 1 oz.) of water into the stall. Because there is no human involved in the process, the horse quickly recognize that its own kicking is causing the water to spray, and the behavior stops. By removing yourself from the kicking equation, your relationship with your horse can go back to being built on positive reinforcement.

 No special electrical wiring is needed; QuitKick systems are powered by a rechargeable battery.

Continual use of QuitKick will ensure reinforcement of the horse's revised, non-kicking, behavior. The QuitKick water spray travels about 12 to 15 feet.  One Total Stall System will effectively train a horse housed in an average 12' x 12' stall.

See how QuitKick is mounted on the stall front here.


QuitKick Total Stall System comes with: 

 - Main QuitKick unit

- Mounting plate to afix the unit at the   front of your barred or mesh stall

 - 2 Remote Vibration Sensors with            mounting brackets & wood screws  

- 2 Sensor Batteries

- System Charger    


(The QuitKick Total Stall System can run as many as eight remote vibration sensors. Additional sensors sold seperately.)



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