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QuitKick Door Systems

We offer two types of Door Systems, depending on what type of stall door you have:

QuitKick for Dutch Doors QuitKick for Doors with Mesh or Bars

The unit is mounted low on the outside of the door; sprays vertically towards the horse when activated.


The unit is mounted on the top half of the door; sprays horizontally into the stall when activated.

QuitKick Door Systems have a vibration sensor built into the system box.  When the box is mounted on the stall door, the vibration of banging or pawing activates the unit, which instantly sprays two streams of water toward the horse.

No special electrical wiring is needed - QuitKick systems are powered by a rechargeable battery.

Continual use of QuitKick will ensure reinforcement of the horse's revised, non-kicking, behavior. And the best part? You are no longer part of the "Stop kicking!" equation, so your relationship with your horse can go back to being built on positive interactions.

QuitKick Systems offer the only humane alternative for dealing with stall kicking - by addressing the horse's behavior, rather than restricting the horse's freedom of movement while in the stall. With QuitKick installed, your horse remains free to do everything it normally does in the stall, except kick the walls!

QuitKick Door Systems come with:

  • Mounting plate that attaches to mesh or bars on the top half of the stall door
  • Mounting hardware
  • Rechargeable battery and charger

You will be prompted to specify spray direction during check out.

Please note: 

 QuitKick Door Systems are not expandable; you cannot add a remote sensor to a Door System.

If your horse bangs or paws its stall door and kicks its stall walls, you need to purchase a Total Stall System and mount one of your sensors on your horse's stall door.

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