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How It Works

QuitKick systems modify equine behavior through operant conditioning - the same process you use to train your horse every day.  "Operant conditioning" is just a fancy way of saying the animal learns to associate its behavior with a consequence. When you throw hay in the stall to quiet a kicking horse, for example, you have provided a positive consequence for the kicking behavior.  This "strengthens" the behavior; you have made it more likely the horse will kick the stall wall again.  

QuitKick systems provide an instant negative consequence for kicking or pawing by spraying two harmless, (but annoying,) controlled jets of water toward the horse any time the horse vibrates its door or wall with a kick.

The speed of the response is important; because horses are flight animals, they are quick to recognize the relationship between their own behavior and the world around them.  As a result, it often takes only three or four kick-spray sequences for the horse to figure out that its own kicking is causing the QuitKick to activate. Naturally, they stop kicking.

We make two types of QuitKick Systems:

 - the QuitKick Door System, is designed to stop horses that bang or paw the stall door  

 - the QuitKick Total Stall System is designed to stop horses that kick the interior walls of their            stalls, or that both kick the walls and paw the door

QuitKick Door Systems' vibration sensor is built into the QuitKick box.

  Door Systems can be set to spray vertically or horizontally 

QuitKick Dutch Door System


Door System for Doors with Mesh or Bars


Water sprays horizontally for stalls with mesh or bars on the door

The QuitKick Total Stall System has remote vibration sensors -  you attach them to the walls near where your horse kicks, or, if your horse kicks the walls and the stall door, attach one sensor to the wall and another to the door. The ystem comes standard with two sensors, but can operate as many as eight (additional sensors sold separately.)


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